As a guy who grew up around a lot of females and was raised, primarily, by my mother, I learnt to be in touch with my emotions very early in life. I mean, how could I not, when I had sisters, nieces, female cousins, aunts and neighbors milling all around? For this reason, I HAD to sit through many types of films and – you guessed it – most were Indian. *sigh*

The long hours of dialogue, music and dance were (at the time) interesting and fun to watch but now… Well, you understand. Due to the “influence” of the Indian films I watched then, I had a certain idea of woman or lady I was going to be with – one who was of average height and build (someone “portable” as we like to say), light-skinned in complexion and had silky long flowing hair that I could run my hands through and play with from time to time.

That was over 20 years ago and I’m married now (thank God for that). Those who know me know that my wife, though “portable”, doesn’t fit the description above AT ALL! So what am I getting at? (patience please)


It has been rightly said that the only constant thing in life is CHANGE. What you see today, can change tomorrow; in fact, can change before the end of the day. Whatever you hold dear and cherish today can become the most irritating thing to you later. We are all subject to the dynamics of change.

Every day we age and grow and mature. Everyday our body systems decay and fail. If we decide to be inactive, it wouldn’t stop things from changing around us constantly. We are in a randomly, constantly evolving world and it’ll be to our advantage to join the flow of movement – deliberately!

Change-Agent-Face-Extinction from courtesy of Google Images

A lot of people are afraid of change. It is difficult to have to adapt to a new way when you have become comfortable with a particular old system or are familiar with a certain pattern. Still, we need to be malleable, flexible and easily adaptable to whatever may occur. We can dictate a lot of things about our lives and plan what we want to become years ahead, but because we are not omniscient nor can we see the future, we encounter circumstances that we did not envisage. What will help at such times is how well-adjusted we are to adapting to change and whether or not we want to move from there or get stuck in the past.

So, are you ready for change? Be rest assured, it is coming!



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