My “Go-To” Guy!

He’s a man; a real man.
Not those wanna-bes out there,
Struggling to fit in.
He’s a real man – much more than most.
He helps me make head of things
His shoulders are broad, massive and very capable,
When I rest on Him, oh! What a feeling!
His touch is pure bliss;
As the fountains of the brook.
His kiss is pure delight;
Satisfying in every way.
His gaze is true and through;
Piercing into the very depths of me.
When issues of life beckon,
When troubles abound,
When confusion rears up everywhere,
His arms is the place I want to be –
Those arms that can take down an army in a swoop
And overthrow a fortress without breaking a sweat.
Yes, His is where I want to be –
When fuel is sold at N150/liter;
When electric power supply becomes a historical tale;
When worker’s wages are withheld without warning or reason;
When family fails and disappoints –
Yes, His presence is where I want to be.
His my “go-to” guy, he’s my everything!