Work vs Labour.

Work. Such a word that people fear and don’t want to face (at least on this side of the continent). More often also, people mistake labour for work. “But what’s the difference?” you may ask. What I’m describing here is not the dictionary meaning of the terms “work” and “labour”, but rather the ideas that people have come to attach with the words.Many people think they know the meaning of certain words while they hold a different idea of such words, or even live a different way than what they describe to you.

So, for one, work involves planning (which seems like more work, doesn’t it?). Yet, it’s true. When you think of work, it’s something deliberate; a conscious attempt to do something. Labour, on the other hand, can be likened to “mindless work”.

When you work, you are systematically positioning yourself in a field or area of expertise where you can function to the maximum (or close to it as you can get) and be rewarded for it. It involves putting your mind and energy into the endeavour before you to achieve a stated goal.

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Work ensures that you are satisfied with your output at the end of the project, whereas labour doesn’t satisfy – you just get done with it. Labour (in this sense) does not profit. Rather, it just causes stress on the body and affects the health. labour is “bodily work” – where you don’t need to THINK – you just “do-as-you’re-told”.

I’d prefer to work rather than labour, wouldn’t you?


Fashioned For His Glory.

Many times people wonder – what was I created for? Why was I made? What’s my purpose on earth?

Now while many have attempted to answer and have proffered likely solutions and catchy anecdotes to this simple question, I would like to answer it by simply stating that ‘You’re here because God wants you here’. Yes, it’s actually as simple as that!

No one born on earth – dead or alive – had the privilege to chose the family they wanted to be born in [except Jesus, of course. But then again I’m sure Mary wasn’t the only virgin in Israel at the time so why not any of the others?] No one chooses their “destiny” or what they will become. It has all been preprogrammed. Yet there exists   an all-inclusive, universal factor that determines the total final output of any life – FREE WILL!

In all of life, God set a will in us to choose to love and obey Him or be separate from Him. It is a matter of choice to become what God would have us be or to choose to become whatever we want to be by our own making. God’s word gives us an insight into some of God’s plans for us and shows us who and what we are in Christ – Jer. 29:11, Col. 2:10, Rev. 5:10.

God’s original intent to make man in His image and likeness is not a forgotten plan or a misguided desire. He designed man for glory and splendor (Gen. 1:26-30); to be like Him. That’s why the prophet cried out in Isaiah 61, “Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee [KJV]”. We have been in the dark for far too long. It’s time to arise, awake and shine bright. God’s glory is such that puts you in the spotlight (Matt. 5:14), it brings you to the center stage. So shine, radiate His glory. It’s your right in Christ!

Celebrate your successes – no matter how small!

Do you go through life in a blur of activities? Running from pillar to post, searching for one thing or the other? Waking up at odd hours of the morning and not returning to bed until late. All for what?! Do we even know the difference between living and surviving anymore? Is it enough to make money, hustling and bustling daily without enjoying the little things of life or even have time to enjoy what you’ve achieved?

wpid-1-crossroadsI find myself at a crossroad – the desire to do more and achieve more engaging in a tug of war with my need to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Some would think it folly to relax when you haven’t even began achieving anything in life, yet the truth is that, you need to celebrate the little successes and small baby steps you achieve constantly. It will enable you appreciate when the great strides come your way.